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Farm Anamalz Set A

Farm Anamalz Set A

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Product Description

Farm Anamalz Set A is value-packed and features six farm animals: Cow, Bull (bull horns may vary), Pig, Goat, Sheep, and Horse. These Australian-designed posable wooden animals can look left, right, run or stand on their hind legs and perform. Great for imaginative play. Each Anamalz is unique, characterized by natural wood grain and fine craftsmanship. In addition, every Anamalz bears a code. Proud owners can name the animal, register, and print out a personal certificate. Go to to begin the process. (The bull now has longer white horns than pictured.)


Pretend play is a natural part of childhood. It's when children explore new situations and play out different roles. It's a time of playing house, chef, doctor, cops and robbers, fairies, cape crusaders, safari adventures, and more. It's a time when children need safe and supportive opportunities to play out real or imagined situations - which help develop their vocabulary, linguistic skills, and intellectual development.

By playing with imaginative toys like Anamalz, your child can expand his or her understanding. For example, it's a great way for you to explain more about the animal, what it eats, where it comes from, how it behaves in its natural habitat and with other animals, what its greater role is in the natural world, etc.

Made of / Made In

Anamalz is made from organic maple and non-toxic European materials with an eye for quality. The Anamalz collection is manufactured to the highest European and US standards in a facility in China. All parts of the product, including glues and paints are environmentally friendly and child safe.

Manufacturer / Safety Compliance

Anamalz is part of Hape International. HaPe is a German company with a manufacturing facility in China under uncompromising quality controls. Anamalz toys, as with all HaPe toys, conform to the heavy metal (toxicology) testing as required by the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) for US and Canada. Anamalz toys also meet all industry standards including the EN 71 (European Standards) and proudly bears the CE mark. No heavy metals such as lead and cadmium or phthalates are used. They are child-safe and completely non-toxic.

Hape Safety Statement


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