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Waldorf Dolls

Waldolf Dolls

Waldorf Dolls: Wholesome & Naturally Good

In the tradition of the Waldorf education, children learn and play with simple, wholesome and all-natural toys. It emphasizes imaginative play in learning in the context of everyday living. Its overarching philosophy is to provide children with a natural and supportive setting in which to develop their unique identity.

Natural & Safe

The Waldorf dolls you'll find here are made of natural materials and expertly handmade in Germany. They are child-safe and completely non-toxic.

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Kathe Kruse Nicki Baby - Rainbow

CODE: KK-174188

Regular price: $30.00

Discounted price : $26.96

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Product Description
Kathe Kruse Nicki Baby - Rainbow is soft and cuddly. It is handmade in Germany using high-quality natural cotton. It is weighted with child-safe, dried rye seeds. Ideal for teething children, and a perfect first companion to soothe your young child. Expertly made in...[more]

Kathe Kruse Waldorf Mini It's Me - Princess

CODE: KK-38349

Price : $73.99

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Product Description
Kathe Kruse Waldorf Mini It's Me - Princess is an all-natural Waldorf doll. She is simply and beautifully designed - reflecting a timeless love with being a princess. She stands 10.5 inches tall. She is made with natural materials cotton and sheep wool. Her long and...[more]

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