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Unique Toys for Toddlers (1-2y+)

unique toddler toys

Unique Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers before three years old are highly dependent on their parents and caregivers. They are also fast on their feet, exploring, climbing, and getting their hands on just about anything. This a time of a great degree of brain development. It is therefore important to choose toys that promote early learning. The unique toddler toys you'll find in this section are especially designed to harness your toddler's unique energy and direct their play and learning time in optimal ways.

Natural and Safe

The unique toddler toys you'll find here are made of natural materials. They are child-safe and non-toxic.


Featured Unique Toddler Toys (1-2y)

Plan Toys Hammer Peg

CODE: PT-51260

Price : $19.99

Product Description
Hammer Peg by Plan Toys is a four-hole wooden board with a wooden mallet to satisfy a young child's need to pound! Children can turn it over and star the fun all over again. Benefits Hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills play an important role in preparing...[more]

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