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wooden blocks for toddlers

Wooden Building Blocks: Ideal Learning Toys

Wooden building blocks are simple, yet exceptional, educational toys. They inspire the imagination and stimulate your child's intelligence through active play. Your toddler can build pyramids, castles, forts, and any number of unique creations. Through this process, your child will develop reasoning skills, spatial awareness, and a sense of order and logic. During cooperative play, wood blocks are great for developing social skills like sharing, taking turns, and developing strategies together.

The wooden blocks you'll find here grow with your child and are ideal keepsake toys. After years of play, they become beloved and nostalgic toys that are passed on to next generations. Your child will remember them as part of a childhood full of fun and learning.

What Research Says

It is well known that toy blocks serve as building blocks for children's creativity. Research also shows a strong link to literacy development. A recent study reported in the October 2007 issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine finds a strong association between playing with building blocks and a significant increase in language scores in young children. On average, kids who played with blocks scored 15 percent higher on their language assessment than those who did not.

Natural & Safe Wooden Blocks

The learning blocks you'll find at ChildTrek are child-safe and non-toxic.

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