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Counting, Math, Numbers

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Hape Lacing Toy - Skate (Red)

CODE: HP-E1018

Price : $11.99

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Product Description
Hape Lacing Toy - Skate (Red) is a clever way to help young children learn to tie their shoes! Long laces and good-sized eyelets encourage success. And keep it at it! It takes practice to learn this milestone event. Skate is also a fun toy that goes! Benefits...[more]

Hape Lacing Vehicles

CODE: HP-E0905

Regular price: $10.00

Discounted price : $8.96

You save: $1.04 (10%)
296 points
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Product Description
Hape Lacing Vehicles Lacing these wooden vehicles together turns comings and goings into an ever-changing line of traffic. Street-side scenery adds to the story. Benefits Hape Lacing Vehicles helps strengthen fine-motor skills; promotes dexterity, hand-eye...[more]

Plan Toys Numbers 1-10

CODE: PT-5641

Price : $19.99

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Product Description
Plan Toys Numbers 1-10 is a 20-piece tile set. Each number is represented by 2, two-sided tiles. One tile features an engraved number (5) that can be traced easily by small fingers and a corresponding number...[more]

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