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Plan Toys Green Ambassador 2010

Inside Plan Toys Headquarters - ChildTrek Founder Visits Plan Toys

ChildTrek was one of five retailers invited to come to Thailand as part of the Plan Toys Green Ambassador program this past August. Miebeth Bustillo-Booth, ChildTrek's founder, saw first hand why Plan Toys is a child-centric, socially-responsible, entirely eco-friendly toy company. The program was led by Plan Toys president, Vitool Viraponsavan - a visionary with uncompromising principles and unbounded positive spirit.

Below is a slideshow of a portion of the trip. To view, click the play, forward and back buttons. This will allow you to view the slideshow at your own pace.



A Note From ChildTrek Founder Miebeth Bustillo-Booth

It's one thing to read about how wonderful a company is. It's quite another to witness it in action. Visiting the Plan Toys headquarters was truly inspiring. Each and every single Plan Toys staff was gracious, thoughtful, smart, and professional. Plan Toys exudes pride and care in everything they do. And they actually mean what they say about doing no harm to the environment.

There are many toy brands in the market. This much is certain. Few, however, rise to the level of wholeness and excellence that Plan Toys does. It is child-centric (creating incredibly safe toys, working with educators to honor the child's mind, body, and yes, spirit). It is environmentally-forward thinking (innovating new ways to reduce its manufacturing impact). It is socially-responsible (taking care of its workers and its community). Not just lip service here. They do as they say.

My husband Bart and I took our four-year old daughter with us. Much of what happened there probably escaped her, except that she was surrounded by toys! But none was lost to her parents. We understood what Plan Toys is trying to do. It's what we are trying to do with ChildTrek: work with Mother Earth, not against her, for the sake of all children.

There was a lot more during this visit that made me more aware about what all goes into each Plan Toys. It is more than a toy company. It really does intend to change the world, one toy at a time.

If you are not already a Plan Toys fan, consider becoming one, and support this innovative and forward-thinking, green company. There ought to be more like it around.

Thank you Plan Toys for a most memorable and inspiring visit. Thank you also to my fellow Green Ambassadors. It was truly an honor to meet and share this special time with you.

Khorbkunkah ("Thank you" in Thai.)




Author: Trirong Virapornsawan
Date added: 9/13/2010, 12:56 PM


Thank you for sharing your amazing experience with us. Khrob kun krub! (Thank you in Thai for men)
Author: Tana
Date added: 9/08/2010, 04:37 PM


Thanks for sharing insight into your trip and into the Plan Toys company. Great slideshow!

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