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Camden Rose Cherry Wooden Bowl & Spoon Set

Camden Rose Cherry Wooden Bowl & Spoon Set

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CODE: CR-1060

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Product Description

If you want to give your child a natural alternative to plastic bowls and utensils, then this is a great way to go. The Camden Rose Bowl and Spoon Set is meticulously handcrafted from cherry wood. Each set shows the unique grain of each tree and with it the history of its growth cycle through seasons. Finely crafted and sanded baby smooth, this Spoon and Bowl Set is the ideal size (5-6" in diameter) for children beginning to eat on their own.


Wooden bowls and utensils are a great alternative to their plastic counterpart. They are sturdy and ages with distinctive characteristics that only wood can achieve. You won't have to worry about heavy chemicals, BPA, or plasticisers. All natural for your baby.

Made Of / Made In

The Camden Rose Bowl & Spoon Set is all natural and proudly made in the U.S.A. using organized sustainability programs. It is made from beautiful cherry wood. This fine creation is individually and expertly handmade, not mass produced, to last for generations.

Manufacturer / Safety Compliance

Camden Rose is a U.S. company located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is made up of teachers, artists, musicians, craftspeople, and parents. Camden Rose is known for its fine woodworking and high quality products. Their toys are made of cherry, maple, birch wood, or natural materials such as cotton and wool. Many of the wooden toys are finely sanded to reveal their unfinished beauty. Others are polished with beeswax or painted using natural, non-toxic dyes. The company is committed to the preservation of the natural environment, uses sustainable production practices, as well as embraces fair trade agreements. Many of their products are made by expert woodcrafters from an Amish community nearby.

Camden Rose follows the guideline set by the European Toy Safety Standard EN 71-1-2-3-6 – standards that are often higher than those set in the U.S.

Author: alextimothy
Date added: 05/20/2009, 10:13 AM


I wanted an unbreakable bowl for my one year old, and NOT plastic or any other BPA issues that come with it. It's exactly what I got.
This hand crafted in USA product is just the right size for him and is beautiful! It will definetly last years.
Author: Sandra Kimmet
Date added: 05/19/2009, 07:07 AM


My son also loves this bowl and spoon. He loves chewing on the spoon. It is also small enough to travel really well in my bag when we go out and about. It is very easy to clean.
Author: cecille
Date added: 02/02/2009, 06:34 PM


I bought this bowl and spoon set because I just didn't want to deal with all the phthalates and BPA issues. I also found it to be beautiful and easy to clean in the sink. (It's wood so don't put it in the dishwasher.) Besides that, my baby likes to use it as a drum!

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