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Gift Registry

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Plan Toys Shape and Sort it OutHow the Gift Registry Works

ChildTrek is pleased to offer a Gift Registry for your special events. Your selection will be bought down as your guests make purchases.

While creating a gift registry is relatively simple, it's best to read How to Add a New Gift Registry before you begin.

NOTE: The gift registry (viewed by others) is separate from your wish list (viewed by you only). The two are not transferrable.

How to Add a New Gift Registry

1) Log in as a user. If not registered, please do so to access this service.

2) Establish new registry. Click "Add New" found at green "Gift Registry" box located at the right-hand side of Choose "Public" (viewed by all) or "Private" (viewed by invitees only).

3) Add invitees. To add emails you would like to send notifications to, click the "+" icon. To remove, click the "-" icon.

5) Guestbook option. "Enable" Guestbook to allow you and guests to post messages.

6) Add new. Click "Add New" when page is completed. The string of code is not needed. You can always find your registry either through search or once you are logged in as a user.

7) Search and add items. Once added, there will be three tabs, "Products," "Notifications," and "Guestbook." Search and add your desired products under the "Products" tab.

8) Send notifications. Click on "Notifications" tab. Select the emails you'd like to send, and click "Send notification to selected." Your invitees will receive a notice of your registry.

9) Purchase notice. When someone buys from your selection, you will receive a notice.

Need help? If you have questions, please contact us. Or you may call toll-free, 1-800-406-8735, M-F (10 am - 5 pm PST). We will do our best to respond within 1 business day.

How to Find a Gift Registry

If You Are an Invitee: Go to Search in the Gift Registry box located at right-hand column of Enter the name of gift registry. If the registry is enabled for public viewing, the registry should be among those listed at the Search area. If not, contact your party to gain access to the private event. They will need your email to send you a notification and access rights.

If You Are a Registrant: Log in to your account. You can view your registry by 1) finding it through the Search function or 2) clicking "More," both options are in the Gift Registry Box at the right-hand-column of If you've successfully created a registry, it will be available for you to update.

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