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Erector Sets

In 1898, in a little workshop in Liverpool, Frank Hornby created a nuts and bolts toy that is now known as the Erector/ Meccano construction sets. Hornby patented his nuts and bolts assembling system and marketed his first set under the name « Mechanics Made Easy ». The name “Meccano” made its appearance in 1907.

Today the Meccano / Erector line is well-beloved by construction kit enthusiasts for its exacting standards, futuristic parts, and realistic tools. Erector sets with its metal structural parts feature stronger components that are held together by real nuts and screws. They are the next step up from the limitations of plastic. With its metal construction materials and fasteners, children can extend their imagination by experimenting with 3D shapes and abstract formes. Erecgtor sets are ideal for children who have gone beyond Legos and simple construction kits.

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