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Kathe Kruse Ikibab Doll - Pink

Kathe Kruse Ikibab Doll - Pink

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CODE: KK-75001

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Product Description

The Kathe Kruse Ikibab Doll- Pink features brightly-colored tabs for grabbing, a gentle rattle, and soft body filled with plushy cotton. Perfect as a newborn toy for grabbing, chewing, and early sensory fun. Also ideal for toddlers as a comforting friend. Machine washable. Certified child-safe and non-toxic.

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Children are naturally caring. They want to tend to their "friends." Stuffed animals and dolls like the Kathe Kruse Ikibab Cloth Doll - Girl become important companions for soothing and during pretend play. They become favored companions to comfort children. They are also good for role-playing and for exploring complex emotions like empathy, fear and frustration. They can also facilitate their curiosity to learn by helping children try out new roles or activities like being an older sister, taking care of another, or exploring the backyard. They often provide a comforting companion to reassure children during new situations.

Made Of / Made In

Kathe Kruse Ikibab Doll - Girl is made using mainly natural materials like cotton and child-safe, non-toxic colors. It is expertly handmade in Germany. Certified child-safe and non-toxic.

Manufacturer / Safety Compliance

Kathe Kruse has made high quality, simple and natural toys in Germany for over 100 years. Each and every single toy is still made by hand with loving attention to detail. Natural materials such as cotton, wool, mohair, wood, and other environmentally-friendly components are used as much as possible. The toys are tested by independent institutes according to the effective norms of the ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) and EN 71 (European Standards).

True to its commitment to children's and environmental health, Kathe Kruse uses fabrics that meet the Oeko Tex standards for textiles. Products bearing the Oeko-Tex certification have met the Oeko-Tex uniform, scientifically founded evaluation standard for the human ecological safety of textiles. Gaining this certification is important in an effort to address the globalized and extremely fragmented nature of the textile manufacturing chain.

Kathe Kruse Code of Conduct / Safety Statement

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