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Loyalty Rewards

Earn Loyalty Rewards. Redeem. Simple.

How It Works
How to Convert an Existing Account into a Loyalty Rewards Account
Special Promotions for Members
Redemption Rate
How to Track Your Points



How It Works

ChildTrek is proud to offer a Loyalty Rewards program as thanks for your repeat business with us. It's easy, it's free, and you can start saving without amassing hundreds or thousands of points.

  • Choose Loyalty Rewards member in your profile during checkout. No fees. Just start earning rewards.
  • Receive 1 point for every net dollar (after discounts, promotions, taxes, shipping) you spend for toys and books. Point conversions for large ticket items like classroom furniture and playground equipment are calculated differently. Points earned are noted at checkout.
  • Redeem points towards future purchases including gift certificates.*
  • Redeem points: 1) Click on "Payment Options" at the left hand side of the checkout page, 2) apply points at "Point payment," and 3) save! Use whatever number of points you have in your account. NOTE: Purchase total after Loyalty Rewards redemption must meet minimum order amount.

Equivalent points of returned items will be substracted from account.

* Conversion and redemption calculations may change.


How to Convert an Existing Account into a Loyalty Rewards Account

Have an account you want to convert to Loyalty Rewards? No problem. Just let us know to convert your account by contacting us. Check off the "Loyalty Rewards" box. Once we convert your account, you will start earning Loyalty Rewards beginning with the order after conversion. Past purchases may not be coverted as these may no longer be in our system.


Special Promotions for Members

  • Double, Triple Rewards during promotional periods. Large ticket items like classroom furniture and playground equipment are not eligibile for this promotion. 
  • Review and Earn (15 Loyalty Points per review)! It's easy as 1-2-3: 1) Log into your account, 2) review items you purchased from ChildTrek in the past year, and 3) receive 15 points for every approved review. Keep it under 75 words, useful to others (include specifics about pros/cons), and civil. Points are deposited into your account within 3 business days of approval. If you prefer, you may also let us know of your review via Contact Us. Thank you!
  • Become a ChildTrek Facebook Fan and Earn (50 Loyalty Points)!  Receive 50 points for becoming a ChildTrek Facebook Fan. Once you've become a fan: 1) contact us and click the "Loyalty Rewards" check box; 2) write, "Facebook Fan," in the subject line, and 3) write, "I'm a ChildTrek Facebook Fan" in the body. We will then reward your Loyalty Rewards account 50 points within 3 business days. 
  • Member-Only Promotions. As a Loyalty Rewards member, you will receive member-only promotions via email. There are two types of email that you will receive from us. One that is graphics-based with an option to unsubscribe. The other is text-based and you can opt not to receive this, but this will also deactivate your account. You may reactivate your account by contacting us.  
  • Other savings incentives designed especially for you. 

Best of all, your rewards are redeemable all year long. They do not expire.


Redemption Rate

The current redemption rate is 33 points = $1.* For example, if you have 330 points in your account, you can redeem all these points for the equivalent of $10 off an order.

*Subject to change. Limitations on classroom furniture, playground equipment.


How to Track Your Points

  • Log in to your account.
  • View rewards tally.



  • Purchase total after Loyalty Rewards redemption must meet minimum order amount.
  • Large ticket items like classroom furniture and playground equipment are not eligibile for double and triple rewards.
  • Rewards points are non-transferable.
  • Rewards points are not redeemable for cash or credit.
  • Abuses of the rewards program may result in suspension or termination of membership and/or loss of points.
  • Subject to change without notice.

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