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Putumayo European Playground Music CD

Putumayo European Playground

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Product Description

European Playground, the newest release in Putumayo Kids’ acclaimed Playground series of CDs, is a collection of 15 songs that takes families on a fun-filled cross-genre musical tour around the continent. Europe is a favorite destination for travelers who marvel at the continent’s rich cultural variety. Europe is home to almost 50 countries, each with its own unique culture, history, traditions, food and music. European Playground features a lively and engaging selection of family-friendly music from contemporary artists from these very diverse regions. The multilingual songs are easy to sing and dance along to, no matter what language you speak.

The song themes speak to children’s interests and spark their imaginations. The Swiss tune by Roland Zoss is about a magical land where teddy bears come to life. Sås & Kopp sing in Swedish about jumping on a trampoline with friends in the backyard, and German favorite Alex Schmeisser celebrates the friendship between a big cow and a little mouse. Alain Le Lait highlights the French love of good food while London-based Herbie Treehead explores a universal theme in a fresh new way with his “Change Song,” noting, “We all have to change sometimes!”

As with all Putumayo Kids releases, European Playground showcases the ways in which musical styles become global phenomena. The universal appeal of Caribbean musical styles is evident in tunes from artists working in the Netherlands, Greece and Denmark. Similarly, the mutual influence that Scottish and Irish music and North American folk music share can be heard in songs by Scotland’s Ian Benzie and Ireland’s Sharon Shannon.

Putumayo European Playground - Sample Tracks

Click note icon to hear sample mp3 tracks. Another window will open. Depending on your computer and connection, it may take a few seconds to connect for each song.

Track Title
1 Sås & Kopp • Trampolin • (Finland/Sweden)
2 Les Déménageurs • Bonjour Tout Va Bien • (Belgium)
3 Herbie Treehead • Change Song • (England)
4 Mek Pek • Stop Den Lille Kænguru • (Denmark)
5 Alma Zenekar • Tudom Én Már Mit Csinálok • (Hungary)
6 Alain Le Lait • En Voiçi, En Voilá • (France)
7 Locomondo • Den Kanei Krio • (Greece)
8 Buscapólos • Tito Troca-Tintas • (Portugal)
9 Alex Schmeisser • Anneliese • (Germany)
10 Ian F. Benzie • I'Se the B'Y • (Scotland)
11 De Band Krijgt Kinderen • Alles Uit De Kast • (Netherlands)
12 Biella Nuei • Tarantainas De La Casa Sin Pared • (Spain)
13 Roland Zoss • Bärengeburi-Bubuland • (Switzerland)
14 Giovanni Caviezel • La Canzone Del Battello A Vapore (Italy)
15 Sharon Shannon • Sandy River Belle • (Ireland)

Watch the video
: Herbie Treehead - "Change Song"

England is an ancient country that has had a king or queen for more than 1,000 years. Many famous writers and musicians have come from England, including William Shakespeare, Beatrix Potter and The Beatles. London is the capital city and if you took a walk there, you would see Buckingham Palace (Queen Elizabeth’s home), London Bridge and the London Eye (a giant ferris wheel!).

Herbie Treehead has performed music, comedy, magic and juggling on the streets of London for many years. On “Change Song,” he sings that sometimes change is good, like when you change your wet socks after a rainstorm, when tadpoles change into frogs, or when seeds change into plants.


Reviews of Putumayo European Playground

Kiwi Magazine on European Playground: “From Ireland to Italy, this music is the soundtrack to a wonderful journey, even if it’s only in your imagination.”

Coolbabykid loves Putumayo Kids and European Playground: “Giving kids exposure to other cultures… and having great fun in the process is what makes Putumayo Kids a Cool Baby Kid top pick and our #1 favorite right now.”

Southern Mamas on European Playground: "My son and I spend the indoor afternoons dancing, galloping, jumping and kicking to these lively and engaging tunes by contemporary artists."

About Putumayo Kids

Putumayo Kids is the children’s and educational division of Putumayo World Music. As one of the leading children’s record labels, Putumayo Kids is committed to introducing children to other cultures through music from around the world.

With its growing collection of CDs featuring multilingual liner notes, Putumayo Kids produces music that entertains, educates and inspires cultural curiosity. More than 3 million Putumayo Kids CDs have been sold around the world. At least one percent of the CD sales benefit non-profit groups that support children, families, schools and other charities. Putumayo World Music has contributed more than $1 million dollars to non-profit organizations that do good work in the regions where the music originates.


Watch this video and learn more about Putumayo Kids and
its efforts to introduce children to global music and culture.


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