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Touch & Feel Books

Touch & Feel Books, Tactile Books for Young Children

Why Touch & Feel, Tactile Books are Good for Kids

Touch and feel books, otherwise known as tactile books, engage and stimulate your young children's developing senses. Such experiences help them map a network of meaning and understanding about their expanding world.

For example, to touch something that is bumpy and associate the word "bumpy," introduces the meaning of bumpy. Simply saying the word without the experience will not establish the connection. Touching is the glue that brings the word and the concept together as a meaningful experience.

Also, tactile experiences help young children develop and organize a repertoire of senses they would not otherwise understand. For example, rough has subtleties - some are more rough than others, though rough nevertheless. Only through direct touch and differentiation will your child understand the range of roughness and understand that rough is different from bumpy.

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Usborne Touchy Feely That's Not My Baby (Boy) (Board Book)

CODE: EDC-526047

Price : $8.99

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Product Description
Usborne Touchy Feely That's Not My Baby engages children to a host of visual and tactile experiences (e.g. silky, fuzzy, squashy). The delightful illustrations and bright colors will further invite children to open the book and touch it over and over again. Ends with...[more]

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