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Newsletter: 3 Simple Family Traditions For The Holidays

3 Simple Family Traditions For The Holidays

The holiday season is full of excitement and wonder. It is also a time of juggling events, families, and to dos. Below are simple ideas to help you slow down and establish holiday traditions for your young family.

1. Bake cookies from ready made dough. Follow the instructions and you’re done! Ready to bake cookies are perfect for short-attention span toddlers anyway. If you would like to make them your own, choose 3 or 4 cookie cutters, sprinkle decorative sugars, and voila! They are as if you labored over them for hours. What your children will remember is spending time with you and that wonderful just-out-of-the-oven aroma.

2. Check out holiday books at the local library. Check out holiday children’s books at the local library. This is a great way to read seasonal books with your children and to get them in the spirit of things.

3. Take a walk at a local park. Bundle up and head to a local park for a family walk. You can make this a fun one to remember year after year by wearing bells on your shoes, Santa hats, something green and red, or whatever you choose to be your family holiday walk outfit. The important think is to let go and have fun.

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